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Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Argument

For writing we have been learning to write an argument using the writing process. The topic was “Are Devices Taking Over Our Lives”.

Something I did really well in my writing was my sentence structure because my sentences are controlled and show a variety of lengths and are connected with conjunctions. Green highlighting is an example of conjunctions and sentence length.

Here is a section of my writing that shows this:
So, your looking down at your Phone, Tablet, I pad or Computer, you're not looking up and around are you? In addition you are missing opportunities and chances every time you look down? I would say that if you're too busy looking down, opportunities could just walk right past you. An example of this is in look up (The video) The man is looking at his phone for directions and he miss an chance. Furthermore without his phone, he gets lost and asks a woman where the place he is looking for is and they end up getting married. Another reason is that if you are looking down you could miss job opportunities . I think when you are missing every single opportunities available, you miss facts and information like that there are some good things about devices.

My next step is to improve my spelling in all types of wrting.

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