Friday, 1 April 2016

Excellence evidence- Being a role model to the juniors 5

Today I was a role model to the juniors, at the buddy programme. In the program we get in a group of 3 with a mix of boys and girls and a mix of year sevens and eights. My group is Tracy, Isaac and me. In the programme we teach the younger kids about Healthy eating and organise actives for them. I was a role model at the buddy programme by listening and clapping when the teacher was and being the first to clap so the juniors could look up to the seniors and copy them. We got our little kid group ready and gave them a colouring page, with healthy and non-healthy foods items on it. They then had to colour in what was healthy. While they were colouring we read them some information about the five food groups. Milk and milk products, grains, fruits, vegetable and meat, nuts, eggs, seeds and fish. It was difficult to get the kids to listen, but I showed the learner quality of resilience and didn't give up and kept trying. Next step I think we will get more interesting books to read. I showed leadership by motivating the kids to learn about healthy eating and help them when they were stuck. By Alicia. 

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