Thursday, 14 April 2016

Library mentor and reading to the juniors -Excellence evidence 9

Today considering Tracy had a basketball trail, I helped Alex with library. Since their was not much to do I just helped Alex file the books and help people in the library find books. 

On Thursday I read to the juniors . First I headed to the library to collect a beanbag  and then took it down to the junior area . Next I  found some girls who were interested in Barbie and asked them if they would like to read some books!  I found one girl then a whole lot of other kids came along which was really good. A few girls just looked at the pictures, but still enjoyed the experience a lot ! I brought five Barbie books to the juniors and aimed to get different ones because I mainly read to the same kids so I want them to have a difference collection of books for me to read to them. 
The books I read were:

  • A Teacher (Barbie)
  • A Vet (Barbie)
  • Princess charm school (Barbie)
  • Barbie: The Princess & the Pop star. 
  • Barbie and the fashion fairytale 

  The learner quality I showed was connecting because I connected with the little kids and asked them questions, for an example when I was reading the vet book I connected with them and asked if they had any pets. I showed leadership by being fair and letting other kids chose the book we were going to read next.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        References:AmazonBarbie-movies.wikia

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