Monday, 11 April 2016

Writing an exposition comparing Taylor Swift and Irene Van Dky

Walt: Follow the writing process to write an exposition. 
Over the last few weeks we have been writing expositions comparing two leaders the two leaders I compared were Taylor Swift (The singer) and Irene Van Dyke the amazing netball shooter. 
Here is my conclusion of my exposition:
After considering both sides of the argument of who is a better leader. I have considered Irene Van Dyke and Taylor Swift strengths and weaknesses and came to a final decision that Taylor Swift is the better leader. Due to how she is a role model to her young fans, how she donates to charity, is trustworthy so her young fans can trust her,  resilience from a young age when the medial/people are mean to her, how she is an active thinker because she thinks about what she writes and generally an exceptional, beautiful, young, role model and leader to her fans. 

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