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Friday, 29 May 2015

I pods this week Excellence Evidence

Monday-Today Zainab,Lauren and I did I pods in the morning and In the afternoon Zainab and I did them.
Tuesday-Today Abigail,Lauren and I did them in the morning and Zainab and I did them in the Afternoon.
Wednesday- Today Abigail,Lauren,Zainab and I did I pods in the morning and in the afternoon Zainab,Hayley and I did them.
Thursday-Today Zainab and I did I pods in the morning and in the afternoon Abigail,Zainab,Lauren and I did them.
Friday- Today Lauren,Zainab and I did I pods in the morning and in the afternoon Zainab and I did them. 
I showed leadership by doing I pods all days.
By Alicia.

Library this week Excellence evidence

Today Jessica ,Lauren and I did librarian, first we put all the books away. Then we scanned some books for people . Then we started taping the books middle,end and start as well as stamping Oakland school on them. Then we put the books through the computer and Mrs Ward printed some barcode stickers to put on them. We showed leadership by helping out. 
By Alicia. 

My discovery part 4

This is our finshed product,We have reached extended abstract because we can teach others how to do diy art and know differenct styles of Diy art.
by Alicia

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Leadership Evidence- Getting involed Exellence

Today I got Involved more in my koru games practice ,since I am in girls foot ball and didn't get in to netball I don't usually get very involved since I don't like football that much, but now I get  involved more  because it is a really good chance to show leadership around the school. Instead of not trying In our practice football games ,I get involved more, because I show leadership by doing that.  It is actually fun, but since I didn't try it at first I didn't know that. I think I was also a role model.
By Alicia  

My Career writing.

Walt:Use Punctuation in our writing. 
Here is my writing. Pink is where I showed my learning goal and added it.
green is what I has in there already .
I showed my learning by adding all punctuation that is in pink in my writing,because it is my learning goal.

English Secondary school teacher.
My career goal is to be a secondary school teacher ,one of the main reasons I am interested in this job is because I enjoy teaching subjects that I am good at and helping other learn. Therefore you need to plan lessons,write reports,mark tests,manage students behavior  ,go to meetings as well as meeting parents and keeping up to date with new learning. On account of this the job availability depends on how much you want this career and you would move out of Christchurch to get your job  . But it is worth moving out of Christchurch to  get your job because you get good pay,First year teachers don’t get as much,but teachers that have taught for longer get around 42,000 or even 72,000. The reason this is important is because it will be easy to get your job.
In the first paragraph I has to add lots of punctuation.

To help me become an secondary school teacher I should consider doing  Biology,Chemistry,English,Geography and History and classical studies. Because it is helpful and recommend for this certain job. The reason Biology is important,is because if someone in your class or outside your class is hurt you need to know how to deal with it. English is also very important because you need to write reports,and I want to be an English teacher.  

After completing these subjects ,it will help me when I go onto Tertiary/post high school education. Therefore there are two degrees that you could get firstly a combined specialist subject  degree and teaching secondary qualification or a specialist subject degree and graduate diploma of teaching secondary students,because that is how you will become a good teacher and pass university ,these degrees will take around three to four years.

I would say that there is some important attributes /learner dispositions in this career. Being honest,hard working, organized,patient and having good confidence skills is very important. Because being organized,is a good skill to have because you need to get lessons ready on time. Which kind of fits under hard working ,cause you need to work hard on the lessons. But being patient is number one because you need to be patient in people's learning  and be helpful.

if you have the degree,you can also teach other subjects because that degree cover that information ,since I want to be an English teacher ,I could also teach Art,classical studies and History. Because that is what it covers.

Overall I think that being a teacher is a good career goal/path for me because if there were no teachers ,the world won't  learn. I think secondary English teacher is a good idea for me. Another thing is because I am good at that subject.
I has all the right punctuation in this paragraph .
By Alicia.    

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Leadership Evidence -Peer mediation Excellence evidence

Today I filled in For Zainabs peer Mediation team Because some people in her team did not come. We solved a problem ,but has to get a teacher (  Mr Foreman) To help because it has some throwing and hitting In the conflict. It was about  a boy who joined Into a game without asking And the other boy got angry And threw Rocks at him So we got Mr Foreman to help us with that bit. It worked out because he said sorry to the other boy.
Zainab also Helped me with my peer mediation Because my Group did not turn Up. We did not solve any problems which was good.
By Alicia.   

Maths prove it.

This is One of the IXL games I did to master this maths goal. I got a medal . I has to find the location of -10,-3 in this picture. This is proving I can do this . My learning Walt was.
Walt: Find the location on a grid reference or bearing.
 By Alicia. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Reading breakout Evidence -Making Inferences

Walt: Make Inferences Using background information and text clues.
This is the sheet we were using. 
This is our reading sheet 

We has to make the inferences using background or text information . Make our inference and sometimes we wrote why the writer  wanted us to make that inference. 
I think I understand how to make inferences by myself.   If you look closely in that picture you will see I made an Inference about what I would Miss if I went to space and why?
By Alicia.   

Learning Goals refection.

My term 1 goals were

  • Learn all time tables.
  • Improve maths
  • Always finish SDL  
  • Get more involved.  
My first goal learn all time tables is going good because I know 7,11,10 and under 7. But I don't yet know 8,9 or 12,but I working my way up there.
My second goal was to Improve my maths which is going really well because I have passed two maths goals this year.Here are links. 
My next goal is to finish SDL every week,I am going super well I finish every week and always get to do My discovery. 
My last goal is to get more involved,which is also going well,I am also getting involved  in my leadership and always doing up to my roles. 
By Alicia. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Discovery Part 3

This is our board so far,I think  we are at relational because I can do different types of art,but can not teach others how to do it. This is Zainab and my boards.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Leadership Evidence-I pod monitor

Monday- Today Abigail,Zainab,Lauren and I did I pods in the morning an din the afternoon Zainab and I did them.
Tuesday- Today Abigail,Zainab,Lauren,and I did the I pods because it was technology,Hayley,Zainab and I did I pods in the afternoon.
Wednesday- Today Abigail,Lauren and I did the i pods in the morning and Zainab, and I did them in the afternoon.
Thursday- Today Abigail,Lauren and I did I pods in the morning and Zainab and I did them in the afternoon.
Friday-Today Abigail,Zainab and I did I pods in the morning and Zainab and I did them, in the afternoon. 
This week I did I pods in all mornings and Afternoons which was showing leadership and doing my Duty.
By Alicia

My discovery part 2

This is the second part of My discovery. We have one square complete,and Two almost complete. It was really what we are doing.We are at multistructural because We can do different types of D.I.Y art but don't know why.
By Alicia. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Must dos Excellence Evidence At Technology On the bus

Today on the bus to technology ,I was respectful even through it was crowed  and there was not much space,I only talked to Zainab who  was sitting beside me,the other person on our seat was talking to the people across and behind them ,which made quite a loud noise for the bus driver ,because he was yelling at the people. I was also  respectful at technology ,And was kind to the teachers there and respected there School and the things we used in woodwork  . I think I was a leader at Lincoln and to our school because I showed the care vales there and getting there.  Other people did not show respect.
By Alicia.

Leadership Evidence- Excellence-Librarian

On Friday Zainab,Jessica, Reia ,Lauren and I did Librarian . Zainab and I taped  books. Reia stamped books and scanned them. Jessica and Lauren helped Mrs Ward with some books. We all showed Leadership by turning up to our duty. We also put books back on the self ,which was helpful because Mrs Ward didn't have to do them . Zainab and I  also scanned some books as well. I Think I showed leadership to the kids in the library ,to Mrs Ward and to the teachers for doing my duty. Our other friends wanted to play tag but we told then we has to do our leadership duty.
By Alicia close. 

Peer mediation- Evidence Excellence leadership.

Today I filled in for a person  in Zainabs group ,we solved a problem about someone hitting someone in the eye not purposely. I also  did my own peer mediation with Zainab because no one in my group turned up we solved a problem about a misunderstanding over a game of maths tag about someone saying the question and the others through she said something else. We also solved a problem about someone stealing someones  hot chocolate  I think I showed double leadership by doing my own peer meditation and Zainab's .
By Alicia 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Library this week Excellence Evidence.

Today Jessica,Lauren,Zainab and I did library,Zainab filled in for our group because Reia forgot to come.  First we out the books onto the self for Mrs Ward. Than Jessica did the desk and Zainab,Lauren and I Put books in order,like 953-958 and put them in categories,E.G Heath and well being, Different citys ETC. We also helped move books and packed the library up for Mrs ward. We Showed leadership by doing up to our duty,being a role model and helping out around the school. 
By Alicia. 

Leadership Evidence-I pods excellence evidence.

Monday-Today  Lauren,Abigail and Me did I pods in the morning and the afternoon.
Tuesday- Today Abigail,Lauren,and I did I pods in the afternoon and the morning.
Wednesday- Today Abigail,Lauren and me did them in the afternoon and the morning.
Thursday-  Today Lauren,Zainab and I did I pods in the morning and in the afternoon Abigail,Zainab and I did I pods.
Friday- Today Lauren,Abigail and I did I pods in the morning and In the afternoon me and Zainab did them.
I did I pods all mornings and afternoons this week. I showed leadership by doing my duty all days.
By Alicia. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Excellence Evidence leadership-peer mediation

Today I filled in for Zainabs group for peer mediation ,with Makayla on  around the field  . We did not solve any problems which was a good thing because that meant that everyone was being nice and kind. Zainab also filled in for my group because they never turn up. We helped Lyle find some friends to play with and played duck,duck goose with her until other friends turned up. Which they did. We did not really solve any problems when we walked around the buildings ,which was also good. I think Makayla , Zainab  and I all showed leadership by turning up to our duty's. Other of our friends wanted us to play tag,but we told them we has to do our duty.
By Alicia .

Excellence evidence -Librarian

Today ,We went to the library and there was no one on because all of the librarians were at Winter sport,So Lauren, Zainab and me filled in for them. First we stacked the books ,than we scanned some books,which was showing leadership by helping out . We also helped out around the school by filling in and giving Mrs Ward and the teachers a hand by doing the role. 
By Alicia 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Excellence Evidence-I pod monitor

Monday- Today Lauren and I did the I pods in the morning and Zainab and I did them in the afternoon.
Tuesday-Today Abigail,Lauren and me did I pods in the afternoon and the morning.
Wednesday-Today Abigail,Lauren and I did them in the morning and afternoon.
Thursday- Today Lauren,Abigail and I did I pods in the morning and in the afternoon.
Friday-  Today Lauren and me did I pods in the morning and I did them in the afternoon.
I showed leadership by doing I pods all afternoons and mornings.
By Alicia close .

My discovery Part 1

This is are board we are painting on,we are doing different deigns ,we have going really well and we know what we are doing.We are unistructrual because we can Idenify the techinqiues of Diy art.
By Alicia 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Leadership Evidence-Kauri team events Exellence

Today the 6th of May it was the cross country at the Halswell domain. This was a great chance to show leadership. Even through I am not very good at running I still tried my best, which was being a role model. Our Race was 3km which was pretty far, but I still did the best I could. I was also a role model when we were walking down, to other students in the kauri team. I think I did really well at the cross country by being a role model to other, manly the year fours since it was there first cross country. I think I was a leader to Oakland's since we were out of school and I was a role model to others.
By Alicia 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Leadership Evidence Excellence -Peer Mediation

Today I did peer mediation with Sarah, since I am on the second half I played tag with some friends than at five minutes to the time we swap over, I went to go to Peer mediation instead of playing tag and not doing my role. We sorted out a few problems the first one was a girl ,who has no one to play with so we suggested  she joined a Pals game and she did. The next problem was when someone joined a game and the others did not want him to join we sorted it out and they all played together. The last problem was when some boy was annoying some girls and jumping up  on them and the girls were chucking leaves. I showed Leadership by doing my Leadership role.
By Alicia.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Autumn Poem

Red  Is simile .
Hyperbole is blue.
Onomatopoeia is pink .

Bright  orange crisp leaves falling like snow.
Leaves hanging off the oak trees making a sudden glow.
The amazing season rises when bright orange pumpkins suddenly grow.
Autumn ,Autumn is the sudden best.
With its crispy lefts cracking under my feet.
Autumn with its sparkly grow rising the morning sun.
Autumn is really the very best season in the entire world. 
 I think I reached relational  because I know different  language  features ,and can explain how I used them but not teach others.

By Alicia close.

Friday, 1 May 2015

I pod Monitor This week Leadership evidence

Anzac Day holiday.
Tuesday- Today Abigail  Lauren and I did the I pods in the morning and in the afternoon Hayley  And I did them.
Wednesday-Today  Lauren and I did them in the morning and Zainab and I did them in the afternoon because we lost a pod and than found it.
Thursday-Today Lauren and I did the I pods in the Morning and In the afternoon Abigail and I did then.
Friday- Today I did them in the morning and in the afternoon.
I think I showed Leadership This week by doing my role to help  the teachers out.I think I also showed leadership by turning up early to help out in the morning.
By Alicia