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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Career writing.

Walt:Use Punctuation in our writing. 
Here is my writing. Pink is where I showed my learning goal and added it.
green is what I has in there already .
I showed my learning by adding all punctuation that is in pink in my writing,because it is my learning goal.

English Secondary school teacher.
My career goal is to be a secondary school teacher ,one of the main reasons I am interested in this job is because I enjoy teaching subjects that I am good at and helping other learn. Therefore you need to plan lessons,write reports,mark tests,manage students behavior  ,go to meetings as well as meeting parents and keeping up to date with new learning. On account of this the job availability depends on how much you want this career and you would move out of Christchurch to get your job  . But it is worth moving out of Christchurch to  get your job because you get good pay,First year teachers don’t get as much,but teachers that have taught for longer get around 42,000 or even 72,000. The reason this is important is because it will be easy to get your job.
In the first paragraph I has to add lots of punctuation.

To help me become an secondary school teacher I should consider doing  Biology,Chemistry,English,Geography and History and classical studies. Because it is helpful and recommend for this certain job. The reason Biology is important,is because if someone in your class or outside your class is hurt you need to know how to deal with it. English is also very important because you need to write reports,and I want to be an English teacher.  

After completing these subjects ,it will help me when I go onto Tertiary/post high school education. Therefore there are two degrees that you could get firstly a combined specialist subject  degree and teaching secondary qualification or a specialist subject degree and graduate diploma of teaching secondary students,because that is how you will become a good teacher and pass university ,these degrees will take around three to four years.

I would say that there is some important attributes /learner dispositions in this career. Being honest,hard working, organized,patient and having good confidence skills is very important. Because being organized,is a good skill to have because you need to get lessons ready on time. Which kind of fits under hard working ,cause you need to work hard on the lessons. But being patient is number one because you need to be patient in people's learning  and be helpful.

if you have the degree,you can also teach other subjects because that degree cover that information ,since I want to be an English teacher ,I could also teach Art,classical studies and History. Because that is what it covers.

Overall I think that being a teacher is a good career goal/path for me because if there were no teachers ,the world won't  learn. I think secondary English teacher is a good idea for me. Another thing is because I am good at that subject.
I has all the right punctuation in this paragraph .
By Alicia.    

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