Monday, 25 May 2015

Learning Goals refection.

My term 1 goals were

  • Learn all time tables.
  • Improve maths
  • Always finish SDL  
  • Get more involved.  
My first goal learn all time tables is going good because I know 7,11,10 and under 7. But I don't yet know 8,9 or 12,but I working my way up there.
My second goal was to Improve my maths which is going really well because I have passed two maths goals this year.Here are links. 
My next goal is to finish SDL every week,I am going super well I finish every week and always get to do My discovery. 
My last goal is to get more involved,which is also going well,I am also getting involved  in my leadership and always doing up to my roles. 
By Alicia. 

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