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Monday, 12 October 2015

Term 4- Refeection on goals.

Here are my goals for the start of the year.
  • Improve my maths
  • Get more involved 
  • Learn all my time tables.
  • Always finish my SDL.
Here is how I am going.

  • My first goal is to improve my maths I have improved a lot. I have passed Number, Geometry, Measurement, and Algebra. I have also started statistics. 
  • My second goal is to get more involved I have been doing very well at this in leadership as well. I have turned up to all my duties these pass few terms. 
  • My third goal is to learn all my time tables which is going very well as well I practiced them a lot on IXL and now know them off my heart. I only need to learn my 12s.  
  • My last goal is to always finish my SDL. I have finished it every week this term.
By Alicia.