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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leadership Evidence -Kauri team events

On Tuesday we had the Oakland's swimming sports .I think I was a role model because I was respectful on the bus and at jelly park. I also tried really hard in both of my races even through I am not a very good swimmer .I also cheered my friends on in there races. In our bus some of the year 4s were being silly and I was a role model by doing the right thing! It was a really fun day for everyone!
By Alicia Close

Friday, 20 February 2015

Leadership Evidence -Getting involved

At Lunch and morning tea me and my friend Zainab got involved instead of sitting around talking! we did some passing ,bouncing ,shooting,running e.g around court ,field and playground.we stayed active the whole time!we think we will get involved more often because it keeps you fit and its fun!
we did lots of basketball/netball stuff . we also played on the playground!it was great fun!
by Alicia Close

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Leadership Evidence- I pod coordinator

This year I am doing  I pod coordinator with Abigail,  Lauren, Hayley and me. I do the afternoon I pods with Hayley ,So I collect them and plug then in after school  and Lauren and Abigail do them in the morning . I think I have shown leadership by doing this duties this year and By remembering  to do them.It takes about about five minutes. I think its a good job for us because it would be annoying  for the teachers because if we didn't charge them  they would all be flat .
By Alicia Close

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Leadership evidence -helping out around the school!

Today me and Zainab helped out around the school by picking up rubbish.there was a lot! I think we showed leadership by doing something helpful around the school!I think it is important to keep our school nice and tidy!
By Alicia Close

Leadership Evidence -Peer meditation

At lunchtime me,Xanthe and Scott were peer mediators.we walked round the buildings and the junior area  .We helped a girl with no friends to find something to do.I do peer mediation every Tuesday .I am looking forward to next week.I think I showed leadership today by turning up to peer mediators on time!
By Alicia Close