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Friday, 31 July 2015

Librarian-Gold evidence

Today I did librarian with Jessica,Lauren and I. First of all we has to put a heap of books on the self. Than Jessica and I did the desk,while Lauren helped out around the library. We returned and got books out. It was fun and we all showed leadership. I think we helped Mrs Ward a lot and enjoyed my duty. 
Why I showed leadership :

  • Turning up straight When the bell rang
  • Doing the duty and not sitting around. 
  • Listening and helping out. 
Overall I enjoyed library and will continue to do my duty no matter what.I think I personally showed leadership.
By Alicia. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Maths goal- Algebra solve one step linear equations

Walt: Solve one step linear equations 
Example one: Y2= 8 
First of all if you come across something like this: K2 it always means this: k x 2= So looking at this question ,We need to figure out what Y is: The first step is to look for familiar patterns and numbers .
Y x 2 = 8
4 x 2 = 8 
I think one of the reasons I passed this goal was knowing and learning my time tables. 

Example two: M/18 = 1 
This means division.
Look at it closely.
18/18 = 1.

My solo level was extended abstract because I know how to do it and can explain is as well as teach it. My next step is 
Use graphs, tables, and rules to describe linear relationships found in number and spatial patterns.
Here is a picture of one of my equations I have done before. Answer 6 x 3 + 3 = 21 .    
By Alicia. 

Pals Gold leadership

Toady Zainab,Sam W and I did pals with the little kids. Sadly the three other members did not turn up,So Zainab helped us. We did orange elastics with a few other girls. It was a fun actively and kept people entertained. There was a lot of people playing games with each other as well which was good. We did lots of different jumping over the ropes/elastics with the kids.Overall It was a fun and great pals game that we played. I showed a lot of leadership today with my pals game.    
By Alicia.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Term 3 refection of goals

Here are my goals from the start of the year: 

  • Always finish SDL  
  • Get more involved. 
  • Improve in my maths 
  • Learn all my time tables e.g 7's,8's and 12's. 
Here is how I am going: 
  • For my first goal always finish SDL is going very well,I have finished it every week this year. 
  • My next goal was to get more involved which is going very good cause I am getting involved with my leadership and outside.  
  • My next goal was to improve my maths overall this is going well because I have completed number, and geometry. I am now working on an algebra goal. 
  • My last goal was to learn all my time tables, I am still working on this. This is currently my next step. 

By Alicia. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Librarian-must do

Today Zainab and I were in the library reading. I then noticed that not one single person was on,I was shocked so Zainab and I asked  if we could help by putting a load of books away. It was a great job and we were pleased to be helping out.After we has put the books away one of the members came to finish his duty. 

 Here are some reasons I like helping out:

  • I enjoy being a role model and doing Library more 
  • It is a fun job and helps out
Here are reasons I like the library:

  • It is a quiet place where you can read
  • It is not very busy .
  • It is a good place to caught up on work. 
Overall I would like to fill in more for others If they do not come. 

By Alicia :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

I pod monitor this week Gold

Monday- Today Lauren,Zainab and I did I pods in  the morning and in the afternoon Zainab and I did them.
Tuesday- Today Zainab,Lauren and I did them in the morning and in the afternoon Hayley,Zainab,Abigail and I did them.  
Wednesday- Today Zainab,Abigail and I did them in the morning and in the afternoon.
Thursday-  Today Abigail,Lauren,Zainab and I did them in the morning and the afternoon.
Friday-  Today Abigail,Zainab and I did them in the morning and In the afternoon Hayley,Zainab and I did them. 

I Think I showed a lot of leadership this week,by doing all my duty's cause I want to show leadership around the school.   

My discovery term 2 diy art

This is my discovery for term 2 I did D.I.Y art.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My writing term 2 prove it

Beep,beep my alarm goes off saying my odd,yes seriously odd blue frog sister is on Skype.
 By the way her name is not blue Frog ,Its  Jude. I click the answer button happily. I am killing myself to tell her my news. I hasn't even told my class,yes I am a teacher.
" Hi Sis!" Jude says happily.
"Hello Jude ,I just have to tell you my news!" I say my excitement going wild.
"Blurt it out" A wild blue frog says to me.
"Well I got asked to be on dancing with the stars" I say happily.
This is part of my prove it.
Blue is where I showed good use of punctuation.  
I passed this goal. I am show you a example of good punctuation. When you use speech marks you have to trap any full stop or examination mark in it. E.G "I has cake!" I trapped it in. 
By Alicia.