Monday, 20 July 2015

Librarian-must do

Today Zainab and I were in the library reading. I then noticed that not one single person was on,I was shocked so Zainab and I asked  if we could help by putting a load of books away. It was a great job and we were pleased to be helping out.After we has put the books away one of the members came to finish his duty. 

 Here are some reasons I like helping out:

  • I enjoy being a role model and doing Library more 
  • It is a fun job and helps out
Here are reasons I like the library:

  • It is a quiet place where you can read
  • It is not very busy .
  • It is a good place to caught up on work. 
Overall I would like to fill in more for others If they do not come. 

By Alicia :)

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