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Friday, 27 March 2015

Leadership Evidence for I pod monitor this week.

On Monday Me and Lauren did I pods together because Abigail was away . I remembered to turn up on time and get them done!
On Tuesday I charged I pods in the afternoon and the morning ,while Lauren and Abigail took them to classrooms .
On Wednesday Lauren and Abigail did them in the morning and I did them in the afternoon.
On Thursday me and Hayley  did them in the morning and Lauren and Abigail did them in the afternoon.
On Friday Lauren did them in the morning and I did them in the afternoon.
I showed leadership by doing I pods everyday.
By Alicia 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Leadership Evidence- Peer mediation

Today Me and Zainab did peer mediation. Zainab filled in because the rest of the group didn't turn up! But I think I showed leadership Because I turned up. We did not solve any problems which was good because  that means that everyone was playing well and being kind today! Another thing I did today to show leadership was being  respectful at tech today.
By Alicia 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Goals for this year reflect.

My Goals:
-Improve in my maths
- Finish sdl
-Learn 9,8 and 12 time tables
-Get more involved
 My first goal is to improve in my maths I think that I am improving because I'm getting good at my maths goals.
My second goal is to always finish Sdl and I have finished my sdl for  all weeks this term which is really good.
My third goal is to learn my time tables which is't going very well because I have not started learning that goal yet but I will soon learn them.
My fourth goal is to get more involved which is going really well because  I am a pal, librarian, Peer mediation and I pod monitor which I have been doing and turning up to.

My maths proving it.

Second picture

First picture
 In the first picture there is  number it is 599.5885 the question is what is the first 9? It is the ten because the second   9 is units  because the decimal point is after .

In the second picture it has three numbers
9.992   9.395   9.9980  I am going to order them from smallest to biggest  . The smallest is

9.395 . the second smallest is 9.992 and the third is 9.9980 because of the number after the decimal point.
 Another example of place values  is this question.
What number is the tenths in the number above:
It is five because eight is hundredths and the nine is thousandths and the six is ten thousandths and it can't be any numbers on the other side so that is why I think it is five.
By Alicia.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Peer mediation evidence

Today Me ,Scott and Xanthe did peer mediation at the second haft of lunch. Even though some people didn't turn up I still think I showed leadership by turning up myself. We also had to look for people who didn't turn up! We did not solve any problems which was good because that meant  that everyone was playing well. When we were walking around we saw lots of people playing and being nice.
By Alicia

Thursday, 12 March 2015

My writing Goal

Walt: To learn where to put paragraphs and structure.
Where we put paragraphs:
New Speaker
New time
New topic or Idea
New place
This is a example of where I added paragraphs in my August writing.
The next morning we get a phone call really early from the dumb Hospital.

'Oh I bet there just calling about how sorry they are' Mum says sarcastically.

Via picked the phone up. 'Hello Via speaking' she says 'yes ,yes' she says . After a long Pause she says 'Okay , when and Bye.

'What was that about she asks' mum asks.

'Mike ringed to say he could improve Augusts face with some new tools they got in yesterday' via says happily .

'That great ,did he say anything else' dad asks.

'No Via' says.

'Get in the car' Mum says happily.

'Okay' I say grinning.

I think I have reached relational because I have used paragraphs to Organise my Ideas.

By Alicia.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Leadership Evidence - Peer meditation

Today me ,Scott , Sarah and Xanthe did peer mediation. We sorted a few problems out one of them was about one girl wrecking another girls creation. We also sorted a problem about someone pushing another person over. It was good we didn't have too many problems to sort out because that means that everyone was playing nicely. I think I showed leadership by helping others.
By Alicia Close

Leadership Evidence -Technology on the bus

On the bus today I was quiet and respectful I only talked to Zainab who was beside me. I didn't talk to people who was  in front or behind me. I was also respectful to the teachers and students at Lincoln.I wasn't noisy like other people on the bus because that would distract the bus driver. I think I Was a role model today because I was respectful and Quiet.
By Alicia Close 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Leadership Evidence -Peer Mediator

On Tuesday Me and Scott did peer mediation! We solved a problem about two boys hitting another with a ball on purpose . It was a really good way to show leadership around the school. I turned up on time and made sure I waited near the group we were swapping  over with so I was there on time.It Was really fun being a role model!
By Alicia Close