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Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Argument

For writing we have been learning to write an argument using the writing process. The topic was “Are Devices Taking Over Our Lives”.

Something I did really well in my writing was my sentence structure because my sentences are controlled and show a variety of lengths and are connected with conjunctions. Green highlighting is an example of conjunctions and sentence length.

Here is a section of my writing that shows this:
So, your looking down at your Phone, Tablet, I pad or Computer, you're not looking up and around are you? In addition you are missing opportunities and chances every time you look down? I would say that if you're too busy looking down, opportunities could just walk right past you. An example of this is in look up (The video) The man is looking at his phone for directions and he miss an chance. Furthermore without his phone, he gets lost and asks a woman where the place he is looking for is and they end up getting married. Another reason is that if you are looking down you could miss job opportunities . I think when you are missing every single opportunities available, you miss facts and information like that there are some good things about devices.

My next step is to improve my spelling in all types of wrting.

Excellence evidence- Library 4

Every Thursday I head down to the juniors area with some beanbags and books to read to the younger kids. I usually do this with Zainab but today she was at choir. So when the bell rang for lunch I headed straight to the library making sure I got there on time. I was just about to get some books off the shelves when Mrs Ward asked if I would like some Barbie books (She hides them in her cupboard) I said "yes" because the kids really, really like them.Then I grabbed a beanbag and headed to the juniors. I sat the beanbag on the deck and a huge group of kids came up. Some only stayed for one book but it was still great, and others stayed for several books and really liked the bean bags. Some only looked at the picture but that was fine.  Some of the books I read were:
  • A Horse Rider (Barbie) 
  • A Ballerina (Barbie)
  • Surf Princess (Barbie) 
I did bring some Spot books but the kids were more intersted in Barbie! 

On Friday I helped Honor and Makyla with there reading to the juniors, we brought some Barbie books and yet again they were very poplaur, I read to  two very big Barbie fans and they also liked the beanbag a lot. 

 Overall the learner quality I showed was resilience because it can be quite hard reading to juniors and getting them to focus!!! I showed leadership by motivating kids to read and listen to the books and just overall turned up and not slaking off. (which means doing it the whole lunchtime) 
References:AmazonGood reads 

My PE striking and fielding refection.

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths:
My strengths are hitting the ball, because I stand side on and no one has ever caught my ball.

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were following through with the ball, wide base/good stance, keeping our eyes on the ball, standing side on, firm/correct grip on the racket and stronger hand lower down.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were to cup your hands, keep your eye on the ball, look at where you are aiming to throw the ball , Stepping forward with opposite foot to arm that you are throwing with and then Standing side on, rotating shoulders then following through

My Next Steps: My next steps are catching the ball because every- time the ball comes in my direction, I run away from the ball.

To improve my striking of a ball I need to have a better stance because sometimes I have a bad stance which causes me to do a bad hit , another thing that will improve my stance is to follow through with the ball.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to not run and look at where the ball is going because I might have a better chance at catching it.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Library- Excellence evidence 3

On Wednesday Zainab and I helped Lauren, by filling in for her when she couldn't read to the juniors due to her meeting with Mr Brown. First we collected some books and headed down to the juniors area. I read to a nice girl called Jackie. She was listening very well and the girl and I both got pozis.

On Thursday I was going to read to the juniors, but Mrs Ward said it would be more appreciated if I helped Sasha with her library duty since Brooke R was on Holiday. First we put the books that had been returned in the correct place. Then I helped Sasha reserve some books by teaching her what to do. I also made sure everything was going smoothly with returning and issuing books people were getting out.

Overall the learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with Sasha to make sure everything went smoothly. I showed leadership by getting a pozi and motivating kids to read and listen to the book.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Excellence evidence- House Captain 2

Today was the Run, Bike, Run. The house captains organised some games. Miro ran games for the year six's, Rata year five, Rimu year four and we ran games for the year seven and eight. The game we ran was Dodge ball. Last week we arranged our game with Mr Brown and on Monday morning Jack and I organised the gear. We carried the gear to the Halswell Domain where the house captains met up with Mr Brown to arrange when we were doing our games and where to put the gear. Then we were given a huge lot of pozies to hand out at our game. Then Jack explained the rules, while I set up the second game. It went pretty well and everyone listened while Jack was talking. I showed leadership at the Run, Bike, Run because I ran the games and was a good leader by organising myself and making sure the games were under control. The learner quality I showed was resilience because there were some challenges while we were playing the games, but I didn't give up even when it was hard. 
References:  Pinterest

Excellence evidence- Kauri team events 1

Today was the Run, Bike, Run. My team was Zainab, Honor and I. Honor did the first run, then Zainab did the biking and I did the last run.  At the Run Bike, Run I waited and listened to Mr Forman and Mr Hillary when they were speaking to the group. I also sat in the correct place and was sensible while I waited for Race one, Race two, and Race three to finish before I started my race. Our team did really well and we all tired our best, so the learner quality we showed was Resilience because we tried our best and didn't give up when we found things that were hard while we were running or biking, considering it was really hot. I showed leadership  because I was a role model to the year fours, who had  there first year at Run, Bike, Run by listening and sitting down when asked and not throwing acorns or messing about, like  some other students were doing. The teacher in the Kair team  were impressed with our behaviour at the Domain because most students were listening and showing the care values.  

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Merit evidence- Getting involved

Today I got involved by playing on the playground  with Zainab, Tracy, Alex and some of Zainab's sisters instead of sitting around and doing nothing.  On the playground I did some flips one the red bar and then moved on to doing flips on the higher bar. After doing a few more flips we played crocodile  tag on the blue crossing which is where the tagger has to run around and tag you, while the other people have to stay on the crossing it was really fun and better than just sitting around! The learner quality I showed was resilience because I tried my hardest by trying new flips on the red bars. 

Merit evidence- Librarian

Today Zainab and I were going to read to the juniors, but Zainab had choir so Xanthe and Grace helped me read to the juniors. First we set up some beanbags and books in the junior area. Then I found a few girls to read to, I read Spot The Dog books, Thumbelina and a few other books to them which they enjoyed a lot. I then catch up with Zainab and we returned the books/beanbags to the library. The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with Grace and Xanthe to make it enjoyable for the everyone. 

References: Target and Usborne.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Reading evaluating information flag research.

Here is my complete Evaluating Information Chart on the flag research I did with Emma and Tracy.I think our group went well because we found out a lot of information/facts from the three texts we read and learnt a lot about evaluating information. I personally through we found out a lot about whether or not we should change the flag. 

Know the equivalent decimals and percent form of everyday fractions

Walt: Know the equivalent decimals and percent form of everyday fractions.
Here is an example of how I did in the two games. 

The criteria for this maths goal is to convert a decimal to a fraction and convert a percentage to a fraction. 
Example of Decimal to fraction:
0.8 to a fraction is 8/10 then to simplify the fraction it is 4/5. 
Example of Percentage to fractions:
75% to a fraction is 3/4. 
My next step is to complete this goal quicker because it took me more than two hours to get to 100. 

House captain- Merit evidence

On Monday at the leaders meeting Miss O'Connor talked to the house captains about creating a google slide for a values lesson. We got to choose out of four values since we were last in the line we ended up doing toilets. Miss O' Connor had made a google slide for the classroom value lesson that we did on Monday morning. But the problem was it was too boring and not fun for the year one-eight students, especially the kakano team. So to make it more fun Miss O said to add some pictures, which we will do at next week’s leaders meeting. Here is Jack and my one so far: 

Mr Ladbrook told us we would be organizing games at the run, bike, run as well.  So Jack and I were going to organise rounder’s with a tennis racket but after taking to Mr Brown we had to change the game considering the fact that it was for a whole year level so it will be too many kids for each of them to have a turn. So we will either organise king or doge ball due to the fact that they are better for large groups. 
Overall the learner quaity I showed was Collaborate because I collaborated with Jack to start the Care values slideshow and plan our run, bike, run games. 

Walt: I can evaluate writers’ purposes and consider how they have used structure and language to suit there purpose

Here is my follow up sheets for my authors purpose reading goal. 
L5 Author’s Purpose follow up
I can describe the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices in a text and give relevant evidence (e.g vocabulary used)
I can compare and contrast differences in the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices between different texts.

The author’s purpose is to persuade the readers.

The specific language/ structure choices that the author has made to support their purpose are:
The Language they have used is strong and direct, meaning it is pointed out at the problem they are having with the graffiti. Example: Have the people who put up billboards asked your permission?
The language they have used is sarcastic because they of the sarcastic questions they put in the text Example: Professional artists do not hang their paintings in the streets, do They?
The language they have put in the text is quotation marks to show that they are not happy with what is going on or they do not believe it is true. Example: "artistic works"

The Structure they have used is in one letter they have used no paragraphs even when it is necessary , but in the second letter they have used paragraphs. I think that they could of structured it that way so in the second letter they would give you a break and split her ideas up. Example:
Who pays the price for graffiti? Who is ultimately paying the price for advertisements? Correct. The consumer. (Paragraph)
New Paragraph:
Have the people who put up billboards asked your permission? No. Should graffiti painters do so then? Isn't it all just a question of communication – your own name, the names of gangs and large works of art in the street?
Think about the striped and chequered clothes that appeared in the stores a few years ago. And ski wear. The patterns and colours were stolen directly from the flowery concrete walls. It's quite amusing that these patterns and colours are accepted and admired but that graffiti in the same style is considered dreadful.
The structure they have used: They made the text short and 1 page so people would pay attention to what they are saying and be bothered to read it. Example: it is one page.
The structure they have used is: They have used rhetorical questions to make you listen and pay attention.

Specific language choices in the 3 texts:
Structure of the 3 texts:
They all use advanced and Technical words to make the text more interesting.

They all add different types of sarcastic questions even in Entertain

They  all use strong language ,which makes you listen and pay attention to the speaker.

They all have some type of image, but in Entertain it is a picture and in persuade it is often a graph.

Most of  the  texts use the same types of font and text.

They all use  some type of paragraph which makes  it similar to the other texts.


The author’s purpose is to persuade the readers that spider-man can exist in real life.

The specific language/ structure choices that the author has made to support their purpose are…

The structure they have used is graphs and pictures to Persuade you that there point is true based on the images/ proof.
The Structure they have used is cute picture of geckos to persuade the fans that the amount of sticky pads used would have to be the size of a gecko.
The structure they have used is between each paragraph they have a picture to give you a break and make the setup nicer and neater.
The language they have used is Technical language Example: amphibian, compensate, polymer.
The language they have used is to make a point and show their ideas. But researchers at California's Stanford University were not willing to kill the dreams of every Spider-Man fan. By pointing out and making their point to not kill dreams of spider man fans by showing what you have found.
The language they have used is:  persuasive because they are trying to persuade you that they are right.  Example:  The researchers said that the web-slinging hero could never exist in real-life. And it is not due to the lack of radioactive spiders, but because humans are simply too big to skitter up tall buildings.

The rat
Part four
number two 1997.
The author’s purpose is to entertain because it is a story in a journal ( Which kids read)

The specific language/ structure choices that the author has made to support their purpose are:

The structure they have used is: They have set it up like a diary, so you can see what she is going through each day and how her life is getting better throughout the weeks.  

The structure they have used is pictures, so you can see what is going on and imagine  being in the girl's life and imagine what she is feeling, when you see the picture.

The structure they have used is a big title in Faded pink coloured text  in about size 16 and and Dark purple text in a bigger size, so you know it is entertain because they wouldn’t have coloured text if it was inform or persuade.

The language they have used is a range of advanced words because instead of putting fired they used the word redundant to make the text more complex.

The language they have used is sarcastic words and sentences example: “Mrs Hansen's got this really awesome idea- not!”

The language they have used is ensuring and makes you believe that what the person is saying is true. Example: “Don’t be pathetic. you won’t feel like that for long”
In the Entertain text it is the only text that used ensuring and makes you believe language.

In the Entertaining text they didn’t use rhetorical questions, considering it was a story.But in the persuasive text they used them to make the text more interesting and make you listen and understand their point of view.  

In the the amazing spider-man text they used more advanced language than the other two texts.  

Some of the difference between Entertain and persuade is that they add more pictures and have colorful titles and stuff, so it is more seriously than persuade.

In the persuade texts they set the writing up differently, because in Entertain they made it a range diary entries to entertain  the readers  but in the  persuasive texts they set it up simply and  in a boring way by using simple paragraphs.  

In the Graffiti text they added no images it was just text.Which is different because the other two texts had heaps of images.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Libray reading to the juniors over the week- Merit evidence

On Monday the library was very busy, so Tracy, Alex and I ended up reading to the juniors children in the library. I ended up reading to a small/ little girl in room fourteen (which is the new entrants class) I read Snow White, because I saw her struggling to read it herself so I asked her if she needed assistance. She said "yes" and I ended up reading to her, while Alex had a big group out the back! Then on Thursday the library was closed, but I still found a way to do my duty. Since the library police were in the library I asked them if I could take some books to read to the juniors and they said I could, so I read to a group of girls and boys some books, they really enjoyed them. 

Overall I showed leadership by even thought the library was closed I still found a way to do my duty. The learner quality I showed was be curious because I was curious to see if I could still do my duty and also questioned as well. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

House captain- merit evidence

Today we had a leaders meeting. We watched a video about integrity having/showing in.
Some of the things we need to do to show integrity is:

  • Be a person who finishes well. 
  • Tell the truth ,all the time.  
  • Listen to your conscience. 
We then discussed what this meant and how to do it as a leader. 
Later at assembly I showed all the CARE values when we sat in the front by listening to the speaker and clapping and laughing when it was an appropriate time to do so.

Later in the week Jack and I organised some games for the kakano students, On Wednesday and Thursday we put a notice in the notices to explain what we were doing.

Here is what we put in the notices:

Then at read and feed time we went around the kakano class's to tell them it would be   postponed to the first half of lunch because of the winds we had to stay inside. At the first half of lunch we collected some kids and started with sneak up granny, then after calling them back in and asking for ideas we played octopus and toilet tag. It went really well and we got about 10 kids, which was quite good considering it was the first game we had ran the whole year. Next Thursday we will be running a Kauri game. 

Overall the learner quality I showed was collaborate and resilience because I collaborated with Jack, Mr Ladbrook, Mr Brown and other student leaders to organize the games. I Showed resilience because at the start of the games we didn't have many kids so we were resilience and kept trying to find kids to play.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Technology on the bus- Merit evidence

Today was technology, I showed the Care values on the bus by only talking to the person next to me which was Zainab and Alyssa. I also respected the bus and used manners as I entered and exited the bus and filled sits sensibly which is under bus on the care values chart. At technology I listened and respected the classroom and teacher by following instructions and behaving the same as I would at school. In my cooking class or group made cheese and bacon muffins because, we needed to create a dish using the outline of the recipes we had made over the last few weeks and make our dish Kiwanian , snack size and have three out of the four food groups and no sugar. Overall the learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with my group to create the dish.  

Friday, 4 March 2016

Playing/organizing games for the juniors

Today Kyla and I taught two groups of kids some games. The first group had two girls and one boy. We practiced some ball catching with a tennis ball, then played tag,octopus, duck, duck gooses and sneak up granny.  The kids seemed to enjoy the games and it was a good chance to show leadership. The second group had three  boys and two girls, we started with tennis ball catching and played octopus, tricky tag and started heads down thumbs up but didn't have although time to finish it. All the kids enjoyed it because at the end when Mr Maven asked all the kids in our groups put up a  thumbs up.  
Overall I was Very pleased and happy that the kids enjoyed the games we played with them and hopefully they will play them at lunch and morning tea. 
This is our group playing octopus

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Merit evidence- Librarain Reading to the juniors

Today,  I helped Tracy with librarian with Zainab (who I mentor) because Alex had to stay in since she didn't complete her homework. First,I helped Tracey put all the books away and then helped her as she returned and issued the books. I also asked Mrs Ward whether Zainab and I could help her when the year 7s at camp.  We are helping on Friday, which is Leadership because we are helping out Mrs Ward and helping around the school.  
On Thursday: 
I read to the juniors myself because Zainab was at choir. I read to two girls. I read some books about Barbie  and Spot the Dog books. They really enjoyed the Barbie books and one of the kids was in room 14 which is the new entrants class and she really enjoyed it. The other girl I read to was in room 17 and I had helped her earlier in her class. 

The learner quality I showed was Communicate  because I communicated with the kids to understand what books they liked best and made sure they got an option. 
By Alicia
Refernces: Cracking the cover , Stepintoreading
Here is one of the books I read. 
I also read Spot the Dog books.

Merit evidence- helping out around the school Food frost and working with the juniors.

While the year sevens were at camp the year eights weeded the food forest on Wednesday afternoon and the juniors garden on Thursday in the morning. We used some tools to help weed the garden, since it was difficult to pull the weeds out. The reason we did it was to be helpful to the environment and the juniors because they could not do it themselves. I showed leadership by helping out even through I aren't very interested in gardening and it was surprisingly fun.

 I also showed leadership by going with my group Ryan, Jak, Mollyanne and Zainab to the juniors classroom and helping them with there learning. On Wednesday in the morning and after morning tea we helped room 18 with there writing and maths. On Thursday after morning tea we helped room 17 with there writing and taught a group of kids some maths. It was really fun and a good chance to show leadership.

The learner qualities  I showed were  Collaborate because I collaborated with my group and three other groups to weed the garden and with my group to help the juniors. I also showed Resilient because I was resilience even through I was not very good at Weeding.
By Alicia
Here are some photos :

Displaying 20160303_092817.jpg

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

House captain- Merit evidence

Today the leaders/house captains had a leaders meeting at morning tea Monday. First we read the first chapter of ‘Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Was A School Captain’ and then discussed with our partner (Jack) about the activity we will be organising. We are organising two games one for Kakano on the 10th of March and Kauri on the 17th of March. The Kauri game is Giant Octopus and the Kakano game is Candlestick Tag and Sneak up Granny. The learner quality I showed was collaboration because I collaborated with the other Kowhai house captain (Jack) to plan our games. 

By Alicia