Thursday, 3 March 2016

Merit evidence- helping out around the school Food frost and working with the juniors.

While the year sevens were at camp the year eights weeded the food forest on Wednesday afternoon and the juniors garden on Thursday in the morning. We used some tools to help weed the garden, since it was difficult to pull the weeds out. The reason we did it was to be helpful to the environment and the juniors because they could not do it themselves. I showed leadership by helping out even through I aren't very interested in gardening and it was surprisingly fun.

 I also showed leadership by going with my group Ryan, Jak, Mollyanne and Zainab to the juniors classroom and helping them with there learning. On Wednesday in the morning and after morning tea we helped room 18 with there writing and maths. On Thursday after morning tea we helped room 17 with there writing and taught a group of kids some maths. It was really fun and a good chance to show leadership.

The learner qualities  I showed were  Collaborate because I collaborated with my group and three other groups to weed the garden and with my group to help the juniors. I also showed Resilient because I was resilience even through I was not very good at Weeding.
By Alicia
Here are some photos :

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