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Friday, 4 March 2016

Playing/organizing games for the juniors

Today Kyla and I taught two groups of kids some games. The first group had two girls and one boy. We practiced some ball catching with a tennis ball, then played tag,octopus, duck, duck gooses and sneak up granny.  The kids seemed to enjoy the games and it was a good chance to show leadership. The second group had three  boys and two girls, we started with tennis ball catching and played octopus, tricky tag and started heads down thumbs up but didn't have although time to finish it. All the kids enjoyed it because at the end when Mr Maven asked all the kids in our groups put up a  thumbs up.  
Overall I was Very pleased and happy that the kids enjoyed the games we played with them and hopefully they will play them at lunch and morning tea. 
This is our group playing octopus

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