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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Excellence evidence- Library 4

Every Thursday I head down to the juniors area with some beanbags and books to read to the younger kids. I usually do this with Zainab but today she was at choir. So when the bell rang for lunch I headed straight to the library making sure I got there on time. I was just about to get some books off the shelves when Mrs Ward asked if I would like some Barbie books (She hides them in her cupboard) I said "yes" because the kids really, really like them.Then I grabbed a beanbag and headed to the juniors. I sat the beanbag on the deck and a huge group of kids came up. Some only stayed for one book but it was still great, and others stayed for several books and really liked the bean bags. Some only looked at the picture but that was fine.  Some of the books I read were:
  • A Horse Rider (Barbie) 
  • A Ballerina (Barbie)
  • Surf Princess (Barbie) 
I did bring some Spot books but the kids were more intersted in Barbie! 

On Friday I helped Honor and Makyla with there reading to the juniors, we brought some Barbie books and yet again they were very poplaur, I read to  two very big Barbie fans and they also liked the beanbag a lot. 

 Overall the learner quality I showed was resilience because it can be quite hard reading to juniors and getting them to focus!!! I showed leadership by motivating kids to read and listen to the books and just overall turned up and not slaking off. (which means doing it the whole lunchtime) 
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