Friday, 11 March 2016

Libray reading to the juniors over the week- Merit evidence

On Monday the library was very busy, so Tracy, Alex and I ended up reading to the juniors children in the library. I ended up reading to a small/ little girl in room fourteen (which is the new entrants class) I read Snow White, because I saw her struggling to read it herself so I asked her if she needed assistance. She said "yes" and I ended up reading to her, while Alex had a big group out the back! Then on Thursday the library was closed, but I still found a way to do my duty. Since the library police were in the library I asked them if I could take some books to read to the juniors and they said I could, so I read to a group of girls and boys some books, they really enjoyed them. 

Overall I showed leadership by even thought the library was closed I still found a way to do my duty. The learner quality I showed was be curious because I was curious to see if I could still do my duty and also questioned as well. 

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