Monday, 21 March 2016

Excellence evidence- House Captain 2

Today was the Run, Bike, Run. The house captains organised some games. Miro ran games for the year six's, Rata year five, Rimu year four and we ran games for the year seven and eight. The game we ran was Dodge ball. Last week we arranged our game with Mr Brown and on Monday morning Jack and I organised the gear. We carried the gear to the Halswell Domain where the house captains met up with Mr Brown to arrange when we were doing our games and where to put the gear. Then we were given a huge lot of pozies to hand out at our game. Then Jack explained the rules, while I set up the second game. It went pretty well and everyone listened while Jack was talking. I showed leadership at the Run, Bike, Run because I ran the games and was a good leader by organising myself and making sure the games were under control. The learner quality I showed was resilience because there were some challenges while we were playing the games, but I didn't give up even when it was hard. 
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