Thursday, 24 March 2016

Library- Excellence evidence 3

On Wednesday Zainab and I helped Lauren, by filling in for her when she couldn't read to the juniors due to her meeting with Mr Brown. First we collected some books and headed down to the juniors area. I read to a nice girl called Jackie. She was listening very well and the girl and I both got pozis.

On Thursday I was going to read to the juniors, but Mrs Ward said it would be more appreciated if I helped Sasha with her library duty since Brooke R was on Holiday. First we put the books that had been returned in the correct place. Then I helped Sasha reserve some books by teaching her what to do. I also made sure everything was going smoothly with returning and issuing books people were getting out.

Overall the learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with Sasha to make sure everything went smoothly. I showed leadership by getting a pozi and motivating kids to read and listen to the book.

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