Monday, 21 March 2016

Excellence evidence- Kauri team events 1

Today was the Run, Bike, Run. My team was Zainab, Honor and I. Honor did the first run, then Zainab did the biking and I did the last run.  At the Run Bike, Run I waited and listened to Mr Forman and Mr Hillary when they were speaking to the group. I also sat in the correct place and was sensible while I waited for Race one, Race two, and Race three to finish before I started my race. Our team did really well and we all tired our best, so the learner quality we showed was Resilience because we tried our best and didn't give up when we found things that were hard while we were running or biking, considering it was really hot. I showed leadership  because I was a role model to the year fours, who had  there first year at Run, Bike, Run by listening and sitting down when asked and not throwing acorns or messing about, like  some other students were doing. The teacher in the Kair team  were impressed with our behaviour at the Domain because most students were listening and showing the care values.  

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