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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

House captain- Merit evidence

On Monday at the leaders meeting Miss O'Connor talked to the house captains about creating a google slide for a values lesson. We got to choose out of four values since we were last in the line we ended up doing toilets. Miss O' Connor had made a google slide for the classroom value lesson that we did on Monday morning. But the problem was it was too boring and not fun for the year one-eight students, especially the kakano team. So to make it more fun Miss O said to add some pictures, which we will do at next week’s leaders meeting. Here is Jack and my one so far: 

Mr Ladbrook told us we would be organizing games at the run, bike, run as well.  So Jack and I were going to organise rounder’s with a tennis racket but after taking to Mr Brown we had to change the game considering the fact that it was for a whole year level so it will be too many kids for each of them to have a turn. So we will either organise king or doge ball due to the fact that they are better for large groups. 
Overall the learner quaity I showed was Collaborate because I collaborated with Jack to start the Care values slideshow and plan our run, bike, run games. 

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