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Thursday, 10 March 2016

House captain- merit evidence

Today we had a leaders meeting. We watched a video about integrity having/showing in.
Some of the things we need to do to show integrity is:

  • Be a person who finishes well. 
  • Tell the truth ,all the time.  
  • Listen to your conscience. 
We then discussed what this meant and how to do it as a leader. 
Later at assembly I showed all the CARE values when we sat in the front by listening to the speaker and clapping and laughing when it was an appropriate time to do so.

Later in the week Jack and I organised some games for the kakano students, On Wednesday and Thursday we put a notice in the notices to explain what we were doing.

Here is what we put in the notices:

Then at read and feed time we went around the kakano class's to tell them it would be   postponed to the first half of lunch because of the winds we had to stay inside. At the first half of lunch we collected some kids and started with sneak up granny, then after calling them back in and asking for ideas we played octopus and toilet tag. It went really well and we got about 10 kids, which was quite good considering it was the first game we had ran the whole year. Next Thursday we will be running a Kauri game. 

Overall the learner quality I showed was collaborate and resilience because I collaborated with Jack, Mr Ladbrook, Mr Brown and other student leaders to organize the games. I Showed resilience because at the start of the games we didn't have many kids so we were resilience and kept trying to find kids to play.

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