Friday, 26 February 2016

Being a role model to the juniors- Merit evidence

Today I was a role model to the juniors, by when I was teaching them there lesson about healthy eating with Tracey and Isaac when there teacher was talking or putting her hand up I was a role model to room 18/19 by putting my hand up as well and then the juniors would do it as well since they has a role model to look up to. Overall the learner quality I showed today was resilience because when Tracey, Isaac and I were teaching the heathy eating lesson it was very hard due to the fact that we had to teach for 15 minutes and has a lot of spare time. 
By Alicia

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Librarian - Merit evidence

On Monday library Mentor: I just helped Tracy and Alex M out when they needed it but they were really good, so I was just there to support them today. 

On Thursday Reading to the little kids: Today I read several different books to the little kids. First Zainab and I moved some beanbags to the junior area since Mrs Ward suggested this because it helps get kids to come along. First I read Spot goes on holidays, Cinderella and Goldilocks and the three bears to Emily. Then I read two of everything to a group of girls. They really enjoyed it and it was also great fun. Overall the learner Quality I showed was collaboration because I collaborated with Zainab to help find kids to read to.

By Alicia   

Monday, 22 February 2016

House captain- Merit Evidence

Today as Kowhai house captain, we had our leaders meeting at morning tea on Monday. We discussed how the swimming sports went and what was going on this week e.g Cultural day which was what Vitor and Honor were organising. I also got ready for the Care values presentsations that I was sharing in the assembly, by sharing it with the kids in charge of the computers at assembly. 
At assembly the leaders/house captains sat at the front at the bottom of the stage I was a role model to the school by showing the care values and being a role model to everyone in the hall, by setting an example and following the assembly expectations, which are:

  • Enter and exit respectfully.
  • Clap/laugh politely when appropriate.
  • Focus on the speaker or presentation.
  • Listen respectfully.
  • Sit quietly.
 Overall follow the assembly expectations. The learner quality I showed was reslilience because when I shared the CARE presentation at assembly I was very nervous, but I was resillent and didn't give up when I through I would fail and stepped up as a house captain, by doing it.

By Alicia

What I have been learning about leadership

Walt: Describe the traits of an effective leader .
 The Six leadership traits:

  • Trustworthy- Being able to be relied on and people trust you.
  • Resilient- Never giving up and trying your best.  
  • Active thinker- Being curious and questioning things. 
  • Goal focused- Aiming for a goal and trying really hard to achieve it.  
  • Motivational-  motivating teams/people toward a goal. 
  • Integrity- Being honest and having strong Morals.
I have been learning about different leaders EG: Nancy Wake who worked as a British Special Operations  agent during the later part of World War II. She was a leader because she risked her life to get radio codes by going on a 71 hour bike ride , she also put her life at risk by putting the Jews in safe houses. Here is an E.G of a describe map that i did by myself on Farah Palmer .
I am currently at Multistructural  because can describe the traits of an effective leader and gather ideas.

Leadership Trait
Example of this trait
  • What actions did the leader take?
  • This action shows…(which trait?)
Why is this an example of this trait
  • Why does…(action) show…(trait?)
Farah was honest with her teammates because she was just herself , her teammates always looked up to her and she did her best.
Because her honesty made the team better and you need to be honest with your teammates to make a good sports team.
She trusted her team and always supported them and trusted them to use the skill that she has taught them to be good at rugby.
Because she trusted them to use their skill and taught them how to do it.
Farah was resilient because she gave every sport a go and didn’t give up and did her best.
Because she never gave up and tried different sports.
Active Thinker
Farah was an active thinker because since she had played netball (defense) she through about the  skills of the two sports. In netball you had to use vision to find spaces to move to catch the ball and that is also important for rugby as well .
Because she compared and through about the skills of the two sports of rugby and netball it made her better at rugby and she  ended up achieving a lot from her netball skills from school and used her active thinking skills.  
Goal Focused
She aimed really high to achieve her goal and ended up being a captain of the Black Ferns and won three world cups in a row.
Because she achieved a lot by focusing on her goal/dream that she wanted to achieve.
Farah was very motivational because she motivated her team and Black ferns said/agreed that she was an awesome coach and motivated/supported herself and others.
Because she was in general a motivational person and motivated herself and others to achieve goals .

My next step is to write more detailed Answers about which trait she used and how. 
By Alicia.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Kauir team events- Swimming sports

Today was the swimming sports, I completed to width races, freestyle and kickboard. I came 3rd in one race and I am not exactly sure what place in the other race. I was also a role model to the other kids because I listened and showed all the CARE expectations  on the bus. Because I repected the bus, was police to the bus driver and talked quietly to the person next to me. The learner quality I showed was resilience because I didn't give up even when the swimming was hard.
 Refernces: Leisure centre

By Alicia 

Kowhai house captain- Merit badge.

Today was the swimming sports. The house captains: Samara, Sam L, Sam W, Monique, Jack M, Xanthe, Jonathan and I Organised two games in the pool. The first game was madness, Here are the Rules:
Wait until Monique says go now they can start getting the Rings, kickboards and tennis ball out of the pool  and back into the correct bucket.
If they don’t put it back into the correct bucket it’ll be thrown back in and if they throw it into the bucket it and it misses it will be thrown back in as well. Also do not push or shove.

The second game we organised was Slasp you have to hold onto the side of the pool when the speaker says go everyone needs to start kicking it was house VS house.
Here are the rules:

  • Hold onto rail at all times
  • Make sure you don’t kick other students
  • Be aware of others
  • Show the CARE values
  • Have fun
Overall the games went really well and were a huge success, it was also a great chance to be a role model!  The learner quitaly I showed was questioning because before the games, I I questioned how things were going to work and made sure everything was organised . Kowhai also won!
By Alicia

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Merit evidence- librarian

On Monday:
Today I did librarian, I am a library mentor and mentor some of the new librarians. (Tracy and Alex) First I gave them a tour of the Library. (Explaining where different books go) After I taught them how to put the books away and scan the books. Then we had some library customers so I then taught them the producers of what to do. The learner Quality I used was relisence because I didn't give up when I didn't know where books were supposed to go.
On Thursday:
I read to the little kids with Zainab. I read to Hope and Cassi they really enjoyed it and it was really fun for me as well. My next step is to read to a larger group of kids and get them to do some reading!
 Refernces: Asme
By Alicia.