Monday, 22 February 2016

House captain- Merit Evidence

Today as Kowhai house captain, we had our leaders meeting at morning tea on Monday. We discussed how the swimming sports went and what was going on this week e.g Cultural day which was what Vitor and Honor were organising. I also got ready for the Care values presentsations that I was sharing in the assembly, by sharing it with the kids in charge of the computers at assembly. 
At assembly the leaders/house captains sat at the front at the bottom of the stage I was a role model to the school by showing the care values and being a role model to everyone in the hall, by setting an example and following the assembly expectations, which are:

  • Enter and exit respectfully.
  • Clap/laugh politely when appropriate.
  • Focus on the speaker or presentation.
  • Listen respectfully.
  • Sit quietly.
 Overall follow the assembly expectations. The learner quality I showed was reslilience because when I shared the CARE presentation at assembly I was very nervous, but I was resillent and didn't give up when I through I would fail and stepped up as a house captain, by doing it.

By Alicia

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