Thursday, 18 February 2016

Merit evidence- librarian

On Monday:
Today I did librarian, I am a library mentor and mentor some of the new librarians. (Tracy and Alex) First I gave them a tour of the Library. (Explaining where different books go) After I taught them how to put the books away and scan the books. Then we had some library customers so I then taught them the producers of what to do. The learner Quality I used was relisence because I didn't give up when I didn't know where books were supposed to go.
On Thursday:
I read to the little kids with Zainab. I read to Hope and Cassi they really enjoyed it and it was really fun for me as well. My next step is to read to a larger group of kids and get them to do some reading!
 Refernces: Asme
By Alicia.

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