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Thursday, 2 July 2015

My writing term 2 prove it

Beep,beep my alarm goes off saying my odd,yes seriously odd blue frog sister is on Skype.
 By the way her name is not blue Frog ,Its  Jude. I click the answer button happily. I am killing myself to tell her my news. I hasn't even told my class,yes I am a teacher.
" Hi Sis!" Jude says happily.
"Hello Jude ,I just have to tell you my news!" I say my excitement going wild.
"Blurt it out" A wild blue frog says to me.
"Well I got asked to be on dancing with the stars" I say happily.
This is part of my prove it.
Blue is where I showed good use of punctuation.  
I passed this goal. I am show you a example of good punctuation. When you use speech marks you have to trap any full stop or examination mark in it. E.G "I has cake!" I trapped it in. 
By Alicia.   

1 comment:

  1. well done Alicia that is a good piece of writing
    I like how you put all of that into one big piece of writing
    well done.