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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Term 3 refection of goals

Here are my goals from the start of the year: 

  • Always finish SDL  
  • Get more involved. 
  • Improve in my maths 
  • Learn all my time tables e.g 7's,8's and 12's. 
Here is how I am going: 
  • For my first goal always finish SDL is going very well,I have finished it every week this year. 
  • My next goal was to get more involved which is going very good cause I am getting involved with my leadership and outside.  
  • My next goal was to improve my maths overall this is going well because I have completed number, and geometry. I am now working on an algebra goal. 
  • My last goal was to learn all my time tables, I am still working on this. This is currently my next step. 

By Alicia. 

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