Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Technology on the bus- Excellence evidence 7

Today we went to technology. On the way there I sat with Zainab and Alex M and on the way back I say with Zainab and Hayley. I showed the care values on the bus which are:


  • Display all CARE values to the public.
  • Be aware of others when entering and exiting the bus.

  • Active thinking:

    • Fill seats sensibly.
    • Talk quietly to the person next to you so the driver can concentrate.
    • Use manners when entering and exiting buses.
    • Respect the bus by not littering.
    • Represent Oaklands School positively.
    I showed these values at Technology and the care values under classroom at technology. I am in sewing, first we went over safely, groundwork, passports, then did a task about material and how to use the machine. Then the years 8 got set a task which was to stitch a straight line, a square and zig zag. I passed and completed it on time. I used my time wisely by completing this and the material tasks we had to do. I also showed another classroom value of cleaning up after yourself because I cleaned my sewing machine up and cleaned the classroom up. The last values I think I showed was be aware of others, since we were  in a small space and there were dangerouse objects in the room. 

    I showed leadership by helping others and motivating them to get their work done on time when finished my work early. 

    The Learner quality I showed was resilience because sewing is not my best subject, but I didn't give up when it was hard or challenging. 

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