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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Librarian- Distinction evidence 13

On Monday there was a library meeting at 12:40. The meeting was about teaching/ learning how to use the library website so we can teach others. First we learnt how to get onto it. Next we learnt about renewing books and looking at our borrower history and what books we have out. Afterward we learnt the two ways to reverse books either by clicking reverse or drag and dropping it. We then watched a video about how to use it. We also discussed whether we needed our library day changed due to Te Haupa or peer mediator. The last thing we did in the meeting was talk about a mini olympics that could be hold in the library and discussed what we could do and how many sessions we would need. Since the library was closed I did not need to do library mentor. At relax and read time we needed to practice using the library website so we are reading for teaching the kids next week. 

On Thursday since Mrs Ward was away there needed to be someone to help issue and return the books at the class visits. Since Zainab and I had finished our SML, we offered to help. We issued and returned books for room 17 and room 19. We also got books out for the class and helped kids find books. I made sure to be friendly to the kids and ask their names as well as telling them if they had an overdue book and renewing it for them. I personally think I was a good leader and role model when I was in the library and made sure to be respectful to the classroom teacher.

At lunch we had reading to the juniors when we found kids in the junior area we brought them back to the library because it was very wet outside. I read some Barbie books to them. They seemed to really enjoy it. I made sure when I took them back to the junior area, to make sure they didn't walk through the basketball court! 

On Friday morning I helped file the books because there was a lot to do!! I also helped Honor with her reading to the juniors. 

The care value I showed was respect because I was respectful in the library and showed respect to the teachers and children. I showed leadership by stepping up as a leader and helping out at the library. I have continued to be a good role model by showing my care values in the library and role modelling a positive way to handle the books and equipment. 

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