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Friday, 26 August 2016

House captain- Distinction evidence 20

At morning tea we had a student leaders meeting. It was basicly just to discuss who was going to the mall today and practice what we were going to say. 

At 12:45 Sam L's mum came to take Sam L, Sam W, Monique and I to the Halswell shops and Westfield mall to collect prices and donations for the quiz night to raise money for the Year 8 trip to Wellington. First we went to the Halswell shops, we then buddied up. I was with Sam L. Some of the shops we went to were Be Inspired, a hair dressing shop where we got a gift vocher from, New World, Halswell Butcher, Hammer Hardware and some other shops in Halswell. Afterward we headed to Westfield mall. We went to a range of shops like hair dresses, gift shops, Rebel Sport, Macpac, JB Hi Tech where we got a 20$ gift vocher from, Farmers, and more. Mostly we gave them the notices and some gave us contact detail. We got some good prizes from Noel Leeming. Tomorrow Kyla, Emma, Dylan and Hannah are going to Hornby and Barrington. Overall I think it was a sucessful day and I made sure to show my care values at the mall and be respectful if shops said no. 

Care value:
The care value I showed was all of them because I showed Commuity, Active thinking, Respect and Excellence throughout the time we were at the mall. 

How I showed leadership:
I showed leadership at the mall because I stepped up as a leader and did what was expected of me as a student leader.

How I have continued to be a good role model: 
I have continued to be a good role model by represting Oaklands postivly and role modelling the care values while in public .

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