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Friday, 12 August 2016

Librarian- Distinction evidence 15

On Monday I had library mentor with Tracy and Warisha. It was crazy as there were a lot of kids in the library. When I was filling the books I made sure to be aware of others because there was so many people and a lot of juniors, so I was very careful. When we were issuing books, I checked to make sure all the books were returned properly because it was mad!! After the library was closed I made sure to put books away and clean up the library, because there were books everywhere. I think I really steped up as a leader. 

On Thursday I had reading to the juniors with Zainab. First we headed to the library to collect some books. Since the library was actullay closed and only librarians were allowed in, we decided not to take the beanbags. Afterward we headed to the juniors area in search of kids to read to. I ended up reading to about four or so kids, so it was quite a good session even without the beanbags. I read Barbie I Want To Be A Teacher, Barbie: Princess Charm School, I Am Absolutely To Small To Go To School and more. I ended up reading the Barbie books about four times! At about 20 past we headed back to the library to allow time to return the equiment and put the books in the right place. 

On Friday I helped Honor with her reading to the juniors. First we went to the library to collect some books to read. I ended up reading several Barbie books to read to about three kids, who seemed to really enjoy it. 

Care value/ How I have continued to be a good role model/ How I showed leadership:
The care value I showed was Commuity because I turned up to my duty and was a good commuity member by showing up.  I showed leadership by Motivating kids to read and listen. I have continued to be a good role model by showing my care values in the library and role modelling positive behaviour to the little kids. 

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