Friday, 12 August 2016

Kauri team event- Distinction evidence 17

Today we had a Kauri assembly. First we sang the waitia, I made sure to sing with pride. Next some certificates were handed out. I got an ASB certificate and accepted my award in a positive way. Afterward Mrs Pattern and Mrs Hall talked to us about not going on the grass when it is muddy. They also told us about the assembly focus, which was sit quietly and listen respectfully. I made sure do to that throughout the assembly. Afterward room 11 shared their learning with us, I made sure to listen and be respectful to their learning. Next Ryan and Jake told us about a football tournament that was coming up. I made sure to still listen even through I wasn't very interested. Later on was game time, we played charades with Olympia sports. I made sure to sit quietly because a lot of people around me were talking. At the end of assembly I got a pozi, which meant I could get the assembly value focus care ticks, I made sure to return the pozi so it could be reused for the next assembly. Lastly I showed my care values by entering and exiting respectfully. 

The Care value I showed was respect because I sat queily and listening respectfully. I showed leadership by showing my care values. I have continued to be a good role model by role modelling positive behavior to the other classes, mainly the year fours and fives. 

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