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Sunday, 21 August 2016

House Captain- Distinction evidence 18

Mini Olympics: Wednesday
On Wednesday we had the mini Olympics here at school. Mr Foreman emailed the student leaders the night before to explain to us what was going on. Then at 10:30 we were told to go to the hall to met with Mr Foreman so he could explain all the sports and make sure everyone knew what they were doing. After morning tea Mr Foreman told us to go straight to the hall to help set things up and get in the right place.The house captains had to stand with a flag so everyone would know where there house was sitting. Then when Mr Foreman gave us the signal we had to go to the hall foyer with our flags. When we were introduced we had to come out holding the flag. Later on we had to lead our house out onto the cricket pitch and get them in their correct lines. (Since the group was split into four groups K1, K2, K3,and K4.) I made sure to specially help the little kids get in the right line and be sitting down. Then we had to practice our house chant with them for the house chant competition. Next K1 and K2 went together to there events and K3 and K4 went to a separate event. I was in K3 and Hannah was in K4 so we worked together. The first event we went to was equestrian. I made sure that everyone was listening and organised. The second event we went to was target shooting, I did the same and made sure everyone sat down and all had a turn. The third event we had was sprints, I mainly helped a little girl who needed help going at the right time. Our last event was leap frog, I basically just made sure everyone knew what they were doing. During the day I handed out heaps of pozis and helped pack up. 

Bake Sale: Thursday. 
On Thursday the year eights had a bake sale to raise money for the Wellington trip in November. At around about 10:30 we started to set up for the bake sale. I made sure to ask where the food went and put it at the correct table either Juniors, middle school or senior. Then we all evenly split ourselves around the three tables. Honor, Samara, Sam L, Lauren and I went to the middle school table and started organizing the prices for the food and going around classes and telling them they could come out. Honor and I went around room 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then the bake sale started I made sure to explain all the prices to the kids, listen, speak loudly, give them the correct amount of change and be friendly. We sold everything, which was better then last time because last time we had some spare food. Afterward I helped pack up by bringing a table back and returning containers to zone 4.  

Care value:
The care value I showed was excellence because I tried my best and didn't give up because I had to deal with some challenging behaviour and kids. 

How I showed leadership: 

I showed leadership by stepping up as a student leader and doing what was expected of me at the event. 

How I have continued to be a good role model: 
I have continued to be a good role model this week by role modelling positive behavior at the mini Olympics and at the bake sale. 

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