Friday, 26 August 2016

Librarian- Distinction evidence 21

On Tuesday there was a library meeting to practice using the library website so we can teach others next week. We all had to review a book, so we could teach others how to do it. I reviewed Summer's Dream ( My favorite book). I made sure to add detail, age suitably, gender and the type of things you would see in a review. 

Here is my Review: 
Review: Summer's dream is a book suitable for 10 + girls. This book is a relatable story with a types of drama. This story is a heartbreaking, tragic book that follows a dream to become a professional ballerina in this book Summer pushes herself for perfection. This book is quite a sad story.

 Who would enjoy this?: People that are interested in intense sports like ballet or gymnastics.

After we all reviewed a book, Mrs Ward told us which class we would be teaching and who we would be teaching with. We were put with year sevens so we would be able to help them. I am with Brook R and we are teaching room 24 next week. 

On Thursday I had reading to the juniors with Zainab. When the bell rang we headed straight to the library to collect the books . I collected some books from the library appropriate for girls and boys. We then headed towards the junior area in search of kids to read too. I found one girl who really liked Barbie books and then another girl joined. Some of the books I read were Barbie And The Musketeres, Barbie Princess Charm School, Some Spot The Dog books and more. At about 1:20 we headed back to the library to allow time to return the books. Overall I think it was a really sucessful session. 

On Friday I was going to help Honor with reading to the juniors but it was raining so we asked Mrs Ward if there was any other jobs we could do. She told us we could help by bringing a Scholastics box over to room 22. We made sure to respect the books in the box. 

The Care value: 
The care value I showed was commuity because I was a good commuity member by helping Honor since Makayla who she is usually with was at Te Haupa.
I showed leadership by : 
Being a leader and showing the leadership values while in the junior area as well as motivating kids to read.

I have continued to be a good role model by:
Being a good leader and showing the care values so they could be role modelled to the juniors. 

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