Sunday, 21 August 2016

Librarian- Distinction evidence 19

On Monday their was no librarian because of a teacher only day.

On Thursday Zainab and I had reading to the juniors. First we headed to the library when the bell rang to collect some books to read. Afterward we headed to the juniors area in search of kids to read to. I started reading Dora And The Dance Moves to one girl and then a whole group of them joined. Some of the books I read were Sofia The First, Spot Goes To The Park, Spot Goes To School and many more. At about 1:15 we collected up the books and headed to the library. Overall I think all the kids enjoyed it and it was very successful. In general it is easier to find kids because they mostly just come to us instead of Zainab and I having to look/ask kids. 

On Friday I helped Honor with her reading to the juniors. First we headed to the library to collect the beanbags and books.We decided to bring the beanbags because it wasn't wet or damp it was only very windy.  I made sure to respect the books. Afterward we grabbed the beanbags and headed to the juniors area. When we were in the junior a girl fall over, so I helped her by taking her to the duty teacher. Another girl also fell over so Honor took her to Mr McAvan. I ended up reading several Barbie books, a Dora book and a fairy book to about three or so kids for the majority of lunchtime. All the kids seemed to really enjoy the session and it was one of the best yet. 

Care value:
The care value I showed was community  because I turned up to my duty and was a positive community member while in the library and the juniors area. 

How I showed leadership:
I showed leadership by  motivating kids to try and read the books themselves and motivating kids to read. 

How I have continued to be a good role model:  
I have continued to be a good role model by showing my care values in the juniors area and being a positive role model in the library. 

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