Friday, 12 August 2016

House captain- Distinction evidence 16

On Monday we had a leadership meeting at morning tea. Mr Forman came in and talked to us about the mini olympics that would be happening on Thursday the 18th. He told us to make a doc with our ideas on it. In the leadership catch up in the afternoon we did this, I made sure to think of sensible ideas that could actually happen and be resilient. Some of my ideas were: 

  • Shot put
  • Gymnastics (Basics skills) 
  • Hurdles
  • Volleyball - Hitting the ball into hoops. 
  • Mini hockey and soccer. 
We added all our ideas onto one docment. Since Victor was away I helped Honor to put cultural into the olympics we came up with: 

  • At the opening ceremony we could get some seniors to hold the flags.
  • Update of the nationalities on how they’re doing in the olympics.
  • They could dress up in house mufti or the colours of their flag mufti, but has to be sports wear.
The care value I showed was active thinking because I contributed to class and group discussion by sharing my ideas. I showed leadership by turning up to the meeting and being a good leader around the school. I have continued to be a good role model to others by showing my care values and role modelling my leadership skills around the school.

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