Friday, 8 July 2016

Library- Distinction Evidence 7

On Monday I had library Mentor with Tracy. Since Tracy hasn't finished her home learning I started filing the books. I made sure to put them in the right place and not just dump them anywhere. I also made sure if I saw a book out of place I would put it in the correct place. I also made sure that when I was on the desk, I was polite and kind. When it was 1:20 Tracy and I made sure to close the library and pack it up, I did this by putting pillows/beanbags back in the right place and picking books up from the floor. I personally think that I was a good leader at librarian. 

On Thursday I didn't have Reading to the juniors because I was helping at Maroi Languages week, I made sure to tell Mrs Ward this, instead of not telling her. 

On Friday I helped Honor and Makayla with Reading to the juniors since I wasn't able to do it on Thursday. When the lunch bell rang, I headed straight to the library with Honor and Makayla. First we choose some books to read and grabbed the beanbags to take. Next we headed down to the junior area and searched for kids. I read to one girl for about 25 minutes. I read her a range of books including Spot Stays Overnight, Spot’s First Easter, and some Lego friend books. She seemed to really enjoy them. At 1: 25 we headed back to the library to allow time to return the beanbags and the books. 

Lerner quality and care value / how I showed leadership/ how I have continued to be a good role model: 

The care value I showed was respect, because I was respectful to the kids at the library. The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with Honor, Makayla and Mrs Ward. I showed leadership by motivating kids to read. I have continued to be a good role model by showing my care values to Mrs Ward and role modelling them while I was reading. 

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