Friday, 8 July 2016

Helping out around the school- Distinction evidence 8

Last week Mrs Ward asked a few people to help out at Maori language week,she told us that Mrs Baker would send out an email later that week with all the information. I made sure to check my emails and read all the information,as well as reply and tell her I am free.

On Monday in the notices,there was a notice to tell all the Maori language week helpers to come to an meeting in Room 13 at morning tea. I made sure to tell Mr Ladbrook that I wouldn't be able to attend the leadership meeting. We then split into groups, to figure out who was doing Kauri(Tuesday)and who was doing Kakano (Thursday). I am doing Kakano with Honor, Makayla and Mollyanne. On Tuesday Lauren, Jessica, Zainab and Jacob Hill are doing Kauri. For the Kakano students they are doing some basic weaving and making paper lanterns.The Kauri are weaving stars and doing 3D Origami stars. Here are some pictures of what we are doing:

The day before, I made sure to practice making the paper lanterns and have a look at the weaving so I would know how to do it and would be able to help more.   

On Thursday Honor,Makayla and I headed to the library straight after the bell rang,to help with Maori languages week.Jessica,Emma and Lauren also helped because it was pretty crazy! I made sure to add the event to my google calendar and get it to reminder me daily, so I would remember to turn up. Firstly we sat the juniors down and made sure no kauri students were in the library.Secondly Mrs Ward introduced the activity and we handed out paper, crayons and books for the kids to lean on. After that they decorated the paper and we drew a line for them to cut along (for the handle) after that we helped fold the paper for them and got them to cut it making sure they cut the right way!! Lastly we helped then glue it together. 

I also helped pack up and was a good leader when helping. 

Learner quality/care value, how I showed leadership and how I have continued to be a good role model to other students: 

The learner quality I showed was resilience because it was quite hard getting everyone to cut the right way and listen. The care value I showed was community because I was a good leader and displayed all the care value. I showed leadership by kids to do it themselves and keep trying, I also showed leadership by helping them not doing it for them. I have continued to be a good role model to other students by showing the care values when helping out and role modelling positive behaviour. 

Kakano Paper lanterns.

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