Friday, 29 July 2016

Getting involved at koru games practice and around the school- Distinction evidence 10

On Thursday at Koru games practice I got involved. I am now in touch for koru games, because the netball B team wasn't able to compete in the koru games so they had to move to either touch or volleyball. I ended up in touch, which is not my favorite sport in the world, but I still got involved. First we did a warm up - the warm up was to run around the field while passing a ball. Afterward we did a passing drill. We also practiced attacking and defending by having a small game. We also played a big game at the end. I think I got involved in this game.  The main skill we were practicing was staying in a line while defending. I think I improved my touch and learnt a lot. Next week my aim is to catch the ball better and stay behind the person with the ball so they can pass to me more easily, instead of having to ask me to move. 

This week I have also been getting involved at morning tea and lunch time. I either do my leadership duties, play on the playground and talk to my junior buddy's.  

The Care value I showed / How I showed leadership/ How I have continued to be a good role model to other students:

The care value I showed was Excellence and Community because I tried my best and played safety which is under excellence in playground/field. I showed community by getting involved and sharing and using equipment fairly which is under community in playground/field. I showed leadership by role modelling positive behavior to others in the team. I have continued to be a good role model by showing my care values and getting involved in the correct areas. 

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