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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Distinction evidence- House captain 5

Bake Sale:Thursday.
On Thursday there was a bake sale, to raise money for our Wellington trip at the end of the year. At 10:40 the student leaders set up for the bake sale. We brought six tables out. (Two for each area. Next we brought the food out, I made sure to ask Levi's mum, Sam L's mum or Emma's mum which table the food was supposed to go too. Afterward we found a table to help out at, making sure there was six at each table because there is eighteen leaders. Sam L, Dylan, Lauren, Samara, Honor and I went to help out at the middle school table. I made sure to go around the correct classes and tell them that they could come out. When the bake Sale started I made sure to speak loudly, explain the prices, and be kind. Mostly everything was sold, expect a few pieces of Thai food which was really good. When we were told to pack up, I made sure to help out by bringing containers back to the class and bringing a table back. 

We raised just under 900 dollars, which was a big improvement from last time, when we raised just under 700 dollars. We didn't have a Bake sale after school because there wasn't anything to sell! 

Care Ticks: Wedesday and Thursday.
On Wednesday and Thursday the student leaders did care ticks. I made sure to not cheat and listen/ communicate respectfully while doing the care ticks. I also made sure to look after the device I was using. I think I did a good job at doing care ticks this week and did my own care ticks in my own time, so I would have more time to do other people. 

Junior cross country: Thursday. 
On Thursday was the junior's cross country, the house captains had to wear house colours, I made sure to allow time at lunch time to change after reading to the juniors. The house captains were given a huge amount of pozis to hand out to kids running, kids listening and sitting down when insurtions were given. I handed out three huge lots of pozis and was a role model. I also encouraged kids by cheering them along and high fiving them to encourage them to keep going. I personally think I did a good job and was a positive leader. 

Care values I showed, how I showed leadership and how I have continued to be a role model: 

The Learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with the other student leaders/house captains to make the junior cross country and the bake sale successful :) I showed leadership by motivating kids to keep running/keep trying at the junior cross country. I have continued to be a role model to others by role modelling positive behaviour for the juniors to follow at the cross country :) :) :) 

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