Friday, 29 July 2016

Libraian Distinction evidence 11

On Monday I had library mentor with Tracy and Wariesha. Alex M helped because there were a lot of books to be put away after the holidays. I worked well so I would get all the books done by the end of lunch. I made sure to be a friendly librarian and respect the books and equipment. Afterward when everyone was gone, I made sure to clean the library up and collect the books from the floor. 

On Thursday I had librarian. (Reading to the Juniors) with Zainab and Honor. First we headed to the library to collect the books and bean bags. Afterward we headed down to the juniors area in search of kids to read too. I found two kids some of the books I read too them included Barbie: The Princess And The Popstar, Barbie The Fairy Secret, Kippers Birthday, Kiss Kiss,Yuck Yuck, and more. The kids seem to really like the books I was reading. At 1:20 we headed back to the library to allow time to return the books and beanbags. As we were heading back some kids wanted to show us some Gymnastics they were doing. I made sure to be respectful. Overall I think today was a really good reading session because all the kids seemed to be listening really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

On Friday I helped Honor with reading to the juniors because Makayla was feeling unwell and had to go to the sick bay. First Honor and I collected around about 10 books to read. Next we grabbed two beanbags and headed to the juniors area. I read one book to a girl named Selena and afterward read about five books to another girl. Some of the books I read were Sofia The First, Frozen and more. Overall I think this was a really successful session and hopefully all sessions are as successful.  

The care value I showed, How I showed leadership and how I have continued to be a good role model:

The care value I showed was Active thinking because I was a active thinker and stepped up when Makayla had to go to the sick bay. I showed leadership by motivating kids to read and stepping up as a leader. I have continued to be a good role model by showing my care values in the juniors area and role modelling positive ways to handle books and beanbags in the junior area so the juniors can follow. 

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