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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Distinction evidence- Librarian 6

On Monday I had library mentor with Tracy. Firstly I finished my lunch outside the library before starting my duty. Secondly I put away the books with Tracy, I did the picture books and non-fiction. Tracy did the novels, senior fiction and junior fiction. There was a lot of books to put away, so I made sure to stay on task. Thirdly we issued/returned the books, I made sure to be police and kind. Lastly we closed the library and cleaned up, by putting any books on the floor away and putting pillows in the box. 

On Thursday I did reading to the juniors with Honor and Zainab. When we were choosing the books a girl in the library asked if we could read her some of them. I read her some books of her choice inside the library. I got a beanbag from out the back for her to sit on, because the kids really like the beanbags. I read Care Bears Catch The Christmas Spirit, Doc Mcstuffins Brontosaurus Breath, All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, Cirold Goes On A Trip and many others. Honor and Zainab brought some books to the junior area to do there reading. We finished reading to the juniors when the library closed to allow time to return equipment to the correct place. The girl I was reading to seemed to really enjoy the books and I think it was a really successful session. 

Overall, next week I am aiming to read to a few more kids, because today I was only reading to one girl. 

The care value I showed was Community because I put books and equipment (Beanbags) back where I found it, which is on the care value chart. I showed leadership by showing integrity. I showed integrity by being fair and listening to the girl I was reading too option on what book we were going to read instead of choosing myself and not being fair. I have counited to be a role model to others by showing the library care values and role modelling them to others in the library and the junior area
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