Saturday, 25 June 2016

Technology on the bus-Distinction evidence 1

On Tuesday we went to Technology at Lincoln Primary school. I sat with Zainab on the bus both ways. I personally think that I showed the care values on the bus I did this by: Being aware of others when entering and exiting the bus, displaying all the care values to the public, talking quietly to Zainab so the driver can concentrate, filling seats sensibly, using manners when entering and exiting the bus, respecting the bus and representing Oakland's school positively. I also showed the care values when I was in design I did this by: Cleaning up after myself, being aware of others, using my time wisely, contributing to class and group discussions, using appropriate language and keeping hands and feet to myself, listening to, and respecting, others' opinions, ideas and differences, respecting my own, and others', right to learn, following the book standards while doing my work, and knowing my learning goals and working actively to achieve them. 

At Technology we did kahoot. I was with Jessica, the Kahoot was about the design process, a slide show had just been showed about it. We got 10/10 and ended up winning. I think that we won, because we had been listening and looking at the slide show instead of just zoning out. We also had to interview a stakeholder and ask them questions about either a bed, bag or shoe they wanted to design; we then made prototypes of our stakeholders design. 

The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with Jessica. I showed leadership by representing Oaklands positively while I was at Lincoln and showing the same behaviour I would show if at Oaklands. I have 
continued to be a role model to other students at Technology by walking around the correct way when we get off the bus, being respectful to the kids at Lincoln and being respectful to all the teachers. 

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