Saturday, 25 June 2016

Distinction evidence- Librarian 2

On Monday I had library mentor. I finished my lunch before heading inside the library to start my duty. There were a lot of books to put away so I worked hard to get it done before the library closed! I made sure to ask the librarian if I wasn't sure where a book was supposed to go. I personally think that when I was on the desk I showed my care values and got books for kids, if they weren't tall enough. Overall I can't wait until next week’s librarian. 

On Thursday Honor, Zainab and I did reading to the juniors since it had rained we decided not to bring the beans bags because they might get wet! So we grabbed 9 books between us and headed down to the junior area. I found one girl, who seemed to really enjoy the books, I read about 7 out of the 9 books to her. Some of the books I read were "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" , "Barbie A Pet Vet" , "Spot Stays Overnight" , "A Dog Book", "A Caterpillar book" ,"More Spot Books and a few more. Some of the most popular books were obviously Barbie and the Spot the Dog books because the little kids like the flaps. After I had read about seven books, the little kids were starting to get bored so we headed back to the library. 

Overall I think that it was a very successful session even though we didn't have the beanbags. 

The learner quality: The learner quality I showed was be resilient because it was really hard to find kids to read too and I was resilient because I didn't give up and head back to the library without doing my duty!! I showed leadership by motivating kids to read the books. I have continued to be a role model by showing the care values in the junior area and using appropriate language and keeping my hands and feet to myself. 

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