Friday, 17 June 2016

House Captain- Excellence evidence 25.

This week we didn't have a leadership meeting on Monday.
Care Ticks:
On Tuesday and Thursday the student leaders did care ticks. I made sure not to go too fast or I might accidentally click the wrong name/care tick. I also did my care ticks before school so when it was relax and read time I would have more time to do other people care ticks. Lastly I made sure to be police and respectful to the people's ticks I was filling in, I also made sure to sit in a visible spot so people could see me and there was room for them. Overall I think I did a good job at doing care ticks this week and will make sure to do the same every week not just some weeks!

This week I  was a role model by doing all my other leadership duties this week, for an example I did librarian on Thursday with Honor and Zainab, this was a very challenging duty, as most of the juniors were at dance group! 

The learner quality I showed and how I showed leadership: 
The learner quality  I showed was Communicate, because I communicated respectfully with my classmates, when I was recording their care ticks. I showed leadership by showing the care values and being a positive role model by looking after the computer I was using. I did this by holding it with two hands, overall I think I was a good leader this week. 

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