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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Distinction evidence- House captain 3

Today we had a whole school assembly. The student leaders sat up the front below the stage. I made sure to be a role model while I was sitting up the front, I did this by entering and exiting respectfully, clapping and laughing when appropriate, focusing on the speaker or presentation, sitting quietly, listening respectfully and follow the  assembly expectations. I earned a care tick for doing these things, which was being a good role model. I was also a role model when I went up to the stage to receive my Excellence badge, I role modelled a positive way to collect something from the stage that other kids can follow. 

Care ticks this week: 
On Tuesday the student leaders did each other’s care ticks, since there was a lot to record. I made sure to not cheat and be quiet while I was doing them since the rest of the class was doing relax and read. We also did care ticks on Wednesday I did my care ticks before school because I had a lot to do. I then had more time to do other people's because a lot of care ticks were handed out over the last few days. I personally think that I am doing a good job at constantly doing the care ticks to a high standard each week. 

This week we also found out that we would be helping at the juniors cross country next week, which is on Thursday. 

The learner quality I showed, how I showed leadership and how I have continued be a good role model to other students: 

The learner quality I showed this week was collaboration because I collaborated with the people I was doing care ticks for this week to get them done. I showed leadership by doing my care ticks before school, so I can have more time to do other people's care ticks! I have continued to be a role model to other students by showing the care values in assembly and I am doing that every week when I am in assembly instead of just when I am sitting up the front and not at kauri assemblies. 

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