Friday, 3 June 2016

House Captain- Excellence evidence 21

Today we had a leadership catch up during class time to look at the results from the survey we did recently. We then had to come up with our next step. For the house captains we decided to organize four games one for each term. The four we choose were invisible touch, capture the flag, multiball and predator. Jack and I are doing predator, we created an action plan about the steps we need to do to complete this game they were:

  • Organizing the equipment.
  • Deciding on the rules. 
  • Promoting the game. 

At morning tea on Monday we had a leadership meeting. We watched a Grip Leadership video about being organized the three tips we got from the video were:

1) Write it Down.

2)  Put everything in its place.

3) Preparation is key. 

I personally think I am doing all three of these things and I apply them in my leadership duty each day.

Care ticks:
On Tuesday the student leaders did a big lot of care ticks. Once we were told to sit up, I choose a visible/sensible place to sit, so people could see me and clearly talk to me. Another thing I did was make sure to click the right things, I did this by not going too fast! I made sure to be friendly and polite to all the people that needed care ticks recorded. We also did care ticks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Cloakrooms slideshow:
At the leadership meeting Miss O'Connor told us that we would be adding pictures to one of the values lesson slideshows. Jack and I got cloakrooms. We were told that this would need to be completed by next Friday. (So we had two weeks to do it) We took the pictures on Thursday to make sure to get it done by the due date. On Friday we added it to the slideshow. I think that to get this complete I used the tips from the GRIP leadership video. 

Learner quality and how I showed leadership: 
The learner quiatly I showed was Collaborate because I collaborated with all the student leaders. I showed leadership by doing my duty and not cheating, which was being a leader. I also showed leadership by completing the slideshow before the due date and doing it at a sensible time near the end of the week because we would have more SML done. 

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