Saturday, 14 May 2016

Library mentor - Excellence evidence. 16

On Monday I was a library mentor. I made sure to finish my lunch outside the library before going in the library. When I got in the library I filed the books since Tracy was still eating. When I was filling the books I made sure to help Tracy and Alex if they needed help and put them in the right place. Also when I was putting them on the shelf if I saw any books in the wrong place I made sure to put them in the right place instead of leaving them. Next some people wanted to return their books and the computer wasn't working. It didn't go very well since Tracy and I couldn't find any paper to write the barcode on. We ended up writing on sticky notes on the computer. We made sure to get the correct barcode and write the person's full name. 

There was no reading to the juniors this week because of  the cross country. I told Mrs Ward on Thursday morning that I wouldn't be there which was showing leadership even though I couldn't do it. 

The learner quality I showed was collaborate because Tracy and I collaborated to make sure we found something to write the barcode on and collaborated with each other. I showed leadership by respecting the library books and putting them in the correct place as well as telling Mrs Ward I wouldn't be there. 
References :Asme 

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