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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Libraian this week- Excellence evidence 18

On Monday I was library Mentor. I had to do it by myself because Alex changed to Friday due to Te Hapua and Tracy had basketball. I basically spent the whole lunchtime filing books because there was a lot of them and there was no one there to help!!! When I was filing the books the whole lunch time I made sure to put them in the right place and ask the librarians (Mrs Ward and the other librarian) where they went if I wasn't sure. I also was a good sport about doing it instead of leaving them for Mrs Ward to do. After the library has been closed I cleaned it up making sure there were no books lying around, and because I found some I picked them up. 

On Wednesday I told Mrs Ward that I may not be able to do Reading To The Juniors on Thursday because I might still be at the denist, which was leadership because some people don't tell the librarians if they are going to be away and Mrs Ward thinks they have slacked off. I also found another person to help out. 

On Thursday when I couldn't do librarian, in the morning I reminded the person I got to fill in to do it. 

The learner quality I showed was communicate because I communicated with Mrs Ward to tell her I would be away and I was resilient because I didn't give up when I couldn't find where the books went, instead I was self aware and asked someone. I showed leadership by movitaving myself to keep going and put the books away, I also showed leadership by telling Mrs Ward that I would be away. 

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