Saturday, 21 May 2016

House Captain- Excellence evidence 17

Bake sale:
On Wednesday was the first bake sale of the year. At 10:45am the student leaders started setting up the bake sale. We bought the tables out to the three areas. We then divided the food on to the three tables.

Next we broke into 3 groups, since there are 18 student leaders we had six at each table. My table was for year  3, 4, 5, and  6 students. Honor and I went around the room one, two, three, four, five and six classes to tell them their class was allowed to come out for the bake sale or they were allowed seconds. I made sure to be polite and not disturb the classes learning. 

The bake sale started and I made sure to tell kids the prices, give the appropriate amount of change, be nice and speak loud! The bake sale was very successful and our table made a lot of money, which was good. 

After the kids had stopped coming, I helped return the food to our learning space, closed the containers so the food would be fresh for the sale after school. I didn't help with the bake sale after school because I was taking the flags down, which was showing leadership. 

Care ticks:
The house captains did the care ticks on Tuesday and  Wednesday . I made sure not to go too fast because I might accidentally click the wrong name. I also double checked with the people in kowhai to make sure I was putting the right tick in and chose a sensible place to sit,  which was  a visible place so people could see me. Another thing I did was put my ticks in after I had finished instead of keeping people waiting and not cheat. 

The learner quality I showed and how I showed leadership:
The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with the people I was serving at the bake sale and the people who needed care ticks recorded. I also collbraoted with the other student leaders. I showed leadership by showing the care values when I was walking around the school (Doing the flags and at the bake sale) and I communicated respectfully which is one of the school rules when I was telling the classes that they could go to the bake sale. 

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